Spring is in the air which means that wedding season is right around the corner! And as with spring, with weddings come flowers. Flowers at a wedding are for some a mainstay, but when you factor in bouquets, boutonnières, centerpieces, corsages, and so much more, the cost can add up quickly. However, choosing different varieties of flowers, shopping within the season, and adding greenery to your pieces are just a few ways to create the floral design of your dreams while keeping it in your budget. Below, we have a list of some of the most affordable flowers on the market, as well as a few tips and tricks to make the process of purchasing your flowers that much easier.

When choosing your flowers, one of the most important things to remember is seasonality. Flowers that are in season are not only going to be readily available to your florist, but they will also be cheaper. So if your wedding is in November, remember that spring flowers like tulips, while beautiful, likely aren’t your best option. Keeping that in mind, we’ve included the season in which each flower is available.


Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilies)

These little beauties are ideal for bouquets and accent flowers. Available in spring and summer, Peruvian lilies are hardy so they won’t wilt during the course of your wedding day, and they come in a variety of brilliant shades with a lovely pattern in the middle.



Begonias are a hardy flower that bloom in spring, fall, and summer and can add that pop of warm pinks, reds, yellows, and whites to your wedding flowers. Begonias also root easily which means they can be saved and planted – simply pot a clipping from your bouquet and you’ll have a lasting memento of your special day!


Blue Thistles

Including wildflowers, such as blue thistles, in your flower arrangements adds a rustic aesthetic and a hint of charm. Available in summer and fall, blue thistles have silver blue stems and leaves with blooms that range in color from a soft violet blue to a deep navy. Thistles hold up well throughout the day, so they are ideal for accent flowers in bouquets and boutonnières.



Hydrangeas really take center stage with their voluminous blooms that come in a variety of colors ranging from pale pink to vibrant blue. And these spring and summer flowers are equally as cost effective as they are beautiful. By choosing larger flowers for your bouquet and centerpieces, you require fewer blooms which lowers your overall cost. Hydrangeas do tend to wilt though, so make sure to refresh them in water throughout the day.



Another larger bloom to include in your flower arrangements, peonies come in a variety of soft pink and cream colored tones that pair perfectly with greenery as well as other cream colored flowers. If you’re having your wedding in the spring or summer, peonies are a great option for you.



Ranunculus, a rose-like flower with layers of thin petals, are available in spring, summer, and fall, making them a great option during wedding season. They come in colors ranging from pale pink and burgundy to cream and pale yellow.



The ever popular rose is actually far more attainable than you may think. Roses come in a wide variety of colors and are available year round, making them ideal for any wedding. Still a bit out of your price range? Try scaling down the number of roses (or any more expensive bloom for that matter) that you include in your bouquet and intersperse them among less expensive flowers. They’ll add a touch of classic elegance without breaking the bank.



With their sunny yellow color, sunflowers make a great addition to any summer and fall wedding, and they are usually sold at a reasonable price to boot! Sunflowers are fairly hardy and will withstand the heat of a summer’s day wedding well if occasionally refreshed in cool water. Their peak season is summer but they are available into the early months of fall.


Wax Flower

Similar to baby’s breath but far less expensive, wax flowers are pretty little blooms with a sweet lemony fragrance that work wonderfully as accent and filler flowers. They come in a variety of shades ranging from lavender to pink to yellow and are durable enough to last late into the evening.



A final tip to keeping costs low when purchasing your flowers is to go green. Greenery is very in right now and is usually sold at a lower price than fresh flowers. Cost effective greenery such as lemon leaf, variegated or green pittosporum, succulents, and eucalyptus all make gorgeous additions to any bouquet or centerpiece for a fraction of the cost. Try interspersing bits of greenery in between blooms to add variety in colors and textures to your pieces!

These are just a few ideas for how to keep your wedding flowers both beautiful and affordable. With so many options out there for every aesthetic, having gorgeous floral arrangements for your wedding (and within your budget) is not only realistic, but absolutely attainable!