Backpack Tours

Field Trips to the Arboretum

Experience the Arboretum first hand and fall in love.

On-Site Self-Guided Tours Include:

  • Inquiry based experiments

  • Multiple hands on learning activities

  • Pre activities and post activities to connect to classroom

  • Adaptations for unique learners

  • NGSS Aligned Expectations

Teacher Resources & Extensions Include:

  • “Pre Field Trip” lessons

  • Specific resources to continue learning momentum after you return to the classroom

  • STEM Classroom Activities

  • Math Connection Classroom Activities

  • ELA Connection Reading and Writing material

Backpack Tours

Experiences at the Arboretum

Come visit our living museum as a scientist!

Water’s Edge (K-2)

Get ready to find animals and plants in the waterways of Klehm.  From water sampling activities to looking for plants and animals in the pond, kids will take on the role of the naturalist studying their environment.

Senses Alive (K-2)

Touch it, smell it…let’s engage those senses!  Our living museum is filled with textures, sounds, and smells.  Let our activities guide you through the arboretum and into a sense of wonder for our natural world.

The Circle of Life (3-5)

From the plants to the animals…large and small, we are all interconnected.  Students will dig into the ecological connections between plants and animals, grasses and trees.  With inquiry-driven exploration, students will enjoy making discoveries and drawing conclusions about the circle of life.

Prehistoric Adventure (3-5)

You might not guess which plants shared the Earth with dinosaurs, and which plants are newly evolved species by just looking.  Students will pull out clues and make comparisons to learn about the prehistoric plants at Klehm and the new and evolving plants of today.