“So, when’s the big day?” This is going to be one of the first questions you’ll be asked after you get engaged, and at first it may seem daunting. With just a few considerations, however, you will be sure to pick the date that is perfect for your style and budget. Here are a few tips to picking your wedding date as you begin your planning journey!

One important factor to consider when choosing your wedding date is your budget. Venue prices and other vendors are often cheaper during the “off season” (November through April) versus dates between May and October. Whether the venue or vendor cuts you a discount overall or waives a typical fee, the cost of planning a wedding in the off season will end up being lower, sometimes considerably. If budget is a driving factor in choosing your date, weddings in late fall, winter, and early spring are not only economical, but also just as gorgeous as weddings during peak season.

Booking your wedding on an alternative day of the week, such as Friday or Sunday, rather than on a Saturday will also often bring your price down, and is an alternative to booking during the off season. If you’re set on a summer wedding, don’t necessarily compromise on the season due to availability or cost. Instead, see if the venue can book you on a Friday or Sunday when they’re more likely to have openings during peak season and at a lower price.

Other factors to consider when picking your wedding date are whether you’d like the option of getting married outdoors and the type of weather you hope for on the day of. Are you set on a sunny summer wedding or have you dreamed of snowfall casting an ethereal glow over your indoor celebration? Or perhaps getting hitched under vibrant fall colors is more your style? You and your partner’s personal styles go hand-in-hand with which season you choose for your wedding date. If you love jewel tones and a vintage feel, late fall could be a great option for your day.  Summer weddings frequently offer beachy vibes and bright color schemes while spring time weddings often favor pastel hues and whimsical touches. Some folks even choose a theme for their wedding, so if there’s a holiday you particularly love, such as Halloween or the Fourth of July, maybe a festive holiday wedding is right for you. Conveniently, holiday weddings often ensure that you and your guests will have preapproved time off from work without having to take vacation time.

Whatever your aesthetic, keep in mind the logistics behind the weather for whichever date you choose. Outdoor weddings in summer are prone to high temperatures and mosquitoes, so make sure to have sunscreen and bug spray handy. Conversely, temperatures are unpredictable in spring and fall, so factor in cool weather wear for your bridal party. Consider the pros and cons and how you will have to adapt to the joys and hiccups of each season!

These are just a few tips to help you and your partner get started in finding the right date for your wedding day!

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