Nancy Olson Children's Garden

 Made possible by the generous support of the DAO Foundation. 
Special thanks to Palette of Light Photography & Videography!

CLOSED for the 2020 season


Explore the Kid’s Creek for interactive stream play and frolic through our new splash pad and fountain! This fun play area is perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day, no matter your age!

The Nancy Olson Children’s Garden is located inside the East Loop of the Arboretum, just beyond the koi pond with its charming wooden bridge. Named in honor of a devoted Klehm member, the garden is designed to encourage children to explore the many wonders of nature. Also in the Nancy Olson Children’s Garden are the Rainbow and Alphabet Gardens, as well as the Garden’s bovine mascot, Cow-li-Flower! An octagonal pavilion offers a place for picnicking and can be rented for parties and special events.

The Nancy Olson Children’s Garden is made possible by the generous support of the DAO Foundation.