When most brides envision their wedding day, more and more are opting for a beautiful outdoor ceremony encompassing their dream vision, rather than a traditional indoor service. Outdoor weddings at Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden are so very romantic because nature is lending it’s splendor to your wedding day. An outdoor wedding can be a glorious, memorable affair perfect for celebrating the start of your new life together.
There are many benefits to planning an outdoor wedding ceremony. The most obvious is the natural landscape that lends itself as a great starting point for decor. Without any effort, guests will be treated to the beauty of the adjacent trees, gardens or trickling stream as a lasting impression of your special day. This backdrop sets the scene for the mood you want to convey. In addition, the cost for flowers is greatly diminished depending on the location you choose. Whether you desire a manicured garden or a simple setting alongside a pond, you may not need or want any additional floral arrangements. Or you could easily embellish on the present outdoor setting with even more flowers hung, in pots, tied to chairs or flower petals arranged down the aisle replacing the traditional white carpet.
Also, the sounds of nature are a gift, themselves. There is nothing like a songbird softly singing during a wedding ceremony. With the sounds of nature present, music that complements the outdoors is encouraged. Stringed instruments lend themselves beautifully to the outdoor wedding ambiance and adding wind chimes will echo a peaceful mood when the musicians are not playing.
Make it clear in your invitations you have chosen an outdoor ceremony venue. That way, guests will know to wear shoes that are “lawn friendly” rather than spike heels which may sink into the dirt. Guests can always change shoes back to the heels for the reception. Or you may want to state this directly in the invitations, so there is no confusion or unenlightened guests.
Lastly, wedding pictures snapped amongst the fall foliage, spring buds or summer gardens will be spectacular. A good photographer will come up with creative ways to use nature as the ideal perspective to frame your memorable day – outside in a lovely, romantic setting amidst nature’s beauty.
With 155-acres of majestic trees and gardens, Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden offers a variety of indoor and outdoor settings for the perfect garden wedding. Whether you choose the vine-covered trellis and lush flowering plants of the Covert Gazebo or the classic look of the Garden Pavilion and Terrace, Klehm Arboretum provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding pictures.