According to horticulture experts in Illinois, favorable spring and summer weather will lead to vibrant fall tree colors throughout the state.

Some sugar and red maples have already started to change color at Klehm.  The fall tree colors could last longer if the first frost holds off for a while, and if leaves aren’t knocked off of trees due to strong storms.  University of Illinois Extension Office horticulture educator Kelly Allsup also says that cooler temperatures produce better colors.

Some trees are still stressed from last year’s drought, which can trigger early color changes.  Murphy also adds that a major weather change that happened last November caused many leaves to change prior to the final color stage.

The autumnal equinox occurred on September 22nd, marking the official start of fall.  The dominant colors in Illinois are yellow and red and normal peak time for fall colors is Mid-October at Klehm.

If you have been waiting for peak color changes at the Arboretum, now is the time to plan your visit. The brilliant autumn colors are gorgeous!

AP Bloomington

Photo taken October 14th.