Wednesday, May 6

6:15 PM – 8:15 PM


Listen to the soft sound of the wind.

Smell the scented spring air.

The air is precious,

for all things share the same breath –

the animals; the plants; the humans.


Join us for our last Tranquility Walk of the 2019 – 2020 season!

Watch the sun set in the west, while at the same time the moon is rising in the east. Experience the transition from day into night. Listen to the sounds of the birds as they settle to rest. It is a magical time of the year.

Wear footwear suitable for trail walking in the woods, and dress appropriately for whatever the weather might bring. All ages are welcome with the understanding that this is a silent, meditative experience. Because this is an after hours program and the arboretum will be closed to the general public, please plan to arrive a few minutes early as the gates will close promptly at 6:15 PM.

ADMISSION: $3 Klehm members; $5 public seniors; $8 public adults