Carroll Starr Endowment Challenge Campaign

Bur Oak Endowment Fund

The Klehm Arboretum Foundation has again been selected by the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CFNIL) to participate in the Carroll Starr Endowment Challenge VIII.  By reaching our $30,000 Challenge goal, the CFNIL will provide a matching grant of $10,000 for a combined campaign fundraising total of $40,000.

The Klehm Board of Directors initiated the Oak Grove Restoration project this past year in recognition of the importance of oak trees and their historic dominance in the native landscape.

This restoration project focuses on the management of a 15-acre grove of mature native oaks on the Klehm grounds. Work has begun on clearing the site of unwanted trees and shrubs, as well as the planting of oak seedlings in open patches of filtered sunlight,    previously choked out by non-native invaders.

A site at the entrance to the Oak Grove Trail will be developed with an informational sign providing facts about the importance of the oak species and the Arboretum’s efforts to foster plants native to our area.  In addition, paving stones and a memorial plaque will commemorate contributions to the Bur Oak Endowment Fund.

The Klehm Arboretum Foundation established the Bur Oak Endowment Fund with the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois in 2009 for a singular mission – “to provide long-term growth and funding stability to Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden.”

Since its inception in 2009, the Bur Oak Endowment Fund, which started with an initial donation of $16,000 and has grown to $286,000 in 2016.  This growth has been achieved by the generosity of many donors who believe in the power of endowment funds.

As mission directed, the Klehm Arboretum Foundation Bur Oak Fund has provided $53,008 in operational support since 2011; funding programs, grounds supplies, and maintenance.  An endowment gift permanently restricts the principal of the gift.  Only the earnings are distributed.

The Bur Oak Endowment Fund is managed by the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois.  All gifts to the Klehm Arboretum Foundation go to the endowment, ensuring the long-term financial stability and security for the gardens.



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