Saturday, December 21

5 PM – 7 PM


Release yourself to the forest on this,

the longest and darkest night of the year.

There will be no sunlight to guide your journey.

There will be no moonlight to show you the way.

But you will have your senses,

the light of your spirit,

and a small jar candle to guide you.

Let the night envelop you

and teach you

that you can be the light to dispel the darkness.

Because this is an after-hours program, and the arboretum is not open to the general public, the main gate will close promptly at 5 PM. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early. We will be walking very slowly, so dress warmly. And wear shoes/boots to accommodate the unpaved trails that we will use.

Pre-registration is required.

ADMISSION: $3 Klehm members; $5 public seniors; $8 public adults


Please Note: Users with Apple or handheld devices may experience difficulty registering through our sales system. If you are unable to register online, please call 815-965-8146 and we can complete your registration over the phone.