This presentation is made possible by the Pauline J. and John R. Cook Lecture Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois.

In this information-packed webinar, Craig takes the audience on a colorful journey through his 40-year love affair with tomatoes. Beginning with some historical background, the first half of the webinar guides participants through the process of choosing which varieties will work best in your gardens. Following a break for questions, Craig then delves into the details of how to make it all happen, from seed starting, through culture and troubleshooting, to harvest, seed saving and even some favorite things to do with the harvest.

Follow along with the downloadable handout here.

Special Book Offer!

Anyone interested in purchasing signed copies of Craig’s two books, Epic Tomatoes and Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales, both Storey Publishing, can contact Craig directly at nctomatoman@gmail.com. For only $25 you will receive both books signed by Craig, a nice selection of tomato seeds saved from Craig’s tomato plants, and shipping. Payment can be made by check or PayPal. 

About Craig

Craig LeHoullier lives and gardens in Hendersonville, North Carolina (as of January 2020; prior to that, he and his wife and pets resided in Raleigh, NC, for 28 years). A Rhode Island native, he caught the gardening passion from his grandfather, Walter, and dad, Wilfred. Craig achieved his PhD in chemistry at Dartmouth College, which resulted in a 25 year career in pharmaceuticals that ended in 2008.

Craig’s gardening obsession, which started the year he and Susan were married (and their first garden, in 1981), is passing through several stages. His love of heirloom tomatoes began with his joining the Seed Savers Exchange, an organization for which he continues to serve as adviser for tomatoes, in 1986. He is responsible for naming and popularizing many well known tomatoes, such as Cherokee Purple.

In 2005 he added amateur tomato breeding to his garden resume, and continues to co-lead the Dwarf Tomato Breeding project, responsible for creating 125 (and counting) new compact growing varieties for space-challenged gardeners. His writing career kicked off with a 2012 request from Storey Publishing to write a book on tomatoes, resulting in Epic Tomatoes (2015). His second book, Growing Vegetables in Straw bales, soon followed (2016). Book 3, focusing on the Dwarf Tomato Breeding Project, is in progress and should be completed during 2020 as a self-published creation.

Craig is a popular lecturer across the country at major gardening events, as well as a frequent guest on podcasts and radio shows. His current and upcoming projects include a self-published garden cook book, a weekly Instagram Live each Friday at 3 PM Eastern from his garden, and additional opportunities on podcasts, webinars and speaking opportunities, as they arise.