Klehm Arboretum has the perfect facility and grounds for your Cub Scout to complete their various requirements. Our self-guided program is simple and allows Cub Scouts and their den a convenient way to satisfy multiple requirements all in one place.

Download Flyer

Here’s How Our Program Works

1.) Select one of the requirements from the list below

2.) Download the PDF file to prepare for your visit to Klehm

3.) Bring your own printed/ downloaded PDF with you OR take advantage of the Cub Scout Adventure Packs (learn more below)

4.) Visit Klehm and complete the requirement. Admission applies.


The Cub Scout Adventure Packs

These backpacks are available for pick up at the Visitors Center. Each requirement has its own backpack. The backpack includes a notebook, writing utensils, other materials needed for the program, and the requirement’s printed PDF. This option is free for Cub Scouts, but daily admission applies.


Cub Scout Program FAQ’s


It’s that easy! All requirements below are the new Cub Scout Requirements.



Tigers in the Wild– PDF

Backyard Jungle– PDF



Finding Your Way– PDF

Paws on the Path – PDF



Fur, Feathers, and Ferns– PDF



Webelo Walkabout– PDF

Into the Wild– PDF

Into the Woods– PDF


For questions- Contact Sam Burbach at (815) 965- 8146 or use the form below.