By Samantha Burbach, Director of Education & Programming – 05/07/2021

Grow a cheerful sunflower to brighten up your windowsill or garden! These dwarf sunflowers will stay about 6-12” tall in this 6” pot, or you can grow them out in the garden where they will stay around 2-feet tall.

The supplies shown above will be available (while supplies last) in the Main Visitors Center as a take home kit during Go Public Gardens Week!

What You’ll Need:
  • Seeds
  • Container
  • Coconut Coir puck
  • Bowl
  • Water (amount varies)
  • Plastic wrap
How to Plant Your Sunflowers: 
  1. Place your coconut coir puck into a medium to large bowl or tray and slowly pour warm water onto it to decompress it. Stop occasionally to allow the coconut coir to absorb the water. Continue adding water until it seems as though all of the material is wet.
  2. Allow to sit for an additional 15-30 minutes to continue absorbing water.
  3. Fluff up the coconut coir and fill your container.
  4. Sow 1 seed approximately ½” deep in the center of the container. Sow additional seeds into the garden or additional pots 6” or larger pots. (Sow 1 seed per 6” or 8” pot, or 3 seeds per gallon container)
  5. Lightly cover the container with plastic wrap to keep in moisture and place in a warm location indoors.
  6. Once the seedling emerges, uncover the pot and set in a sunny spot.
  7. Keep container evenly moist and turn the container every day or two for even growth.
  8. Optional but very helpful: feed your sunflower with an all-purpose flower food as sunflowers are heavy feeders and there are very few nutrients present in the coconut coir growing medium.

Enjoy your sunflowers, we hope they bring a big, sunny smile to your face!

This activity is made possible by the Dean Alan Olson Foundation.