Tuesday, October 19

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

$10 public adults, $7 public seniors, $4 Klehm members


Walk in silence and listen.
Listen carefully for the quietest sound.
The sound of the moon rising.
The sound of the universe breathing.
The sound of your spirit expanding.
What do the messages say?

Tonight we will follow a woodland path while carrying jar candles and using the full moon to light our way. As you immerse yourself in the forest, pay close attention to the night world around you and the spirit within you. See what emerges on the other side. Wear footwear suitable for trail walking and dress appropriately for whatever the weather might be. Bring a walking stick if you have one. Also, bring a face covering for indoor use and for those rare outdoor times when physical distancing may be difficult. All ages are welcome with the understanding that this is a silent, meditative experience. Because this is an after hours program and the arboretum will be closed to the general public, please plan to arrive a few minutes early as the gates will close promptly at 6:00 pm.

ADMISSION: $10 public adults, $7 public seniors, $4 Klehm members