Happy Arbor Day! Did you pick up a tree at today’s giveaway? Here are a few tips for planting your bare root tree seedling when you get home!

Tips for Planting Bare Root Tree Seedlings

  • Plant the tree seedling as soon as possible. BUT…
    • While it is ideal to get your tree seedling in the ground as soon as possible, sometimes that just isn’t feasible. If you aren’t able to plant the seedling immediately, just be sure to keep your seedling cool and moist until you are able to get it into the ground. Ideal spots at this time of the year are your garage or basement.
  • Locate the planting spot in your yard, taking note of the size the seedling will reach at maturity.
    • For example, oaks are large trees that like full sun while dogwoods are smaller trees that prefers sun but is tolerant of moderate shade.
  • Call J.U.L.I.E. (1-800-892-0123) before you dig to make sure there are no underground utilities in the areas you plan to put your tree.
  • Make a hole large enough to comfortably handle the roots (depth is important.)
    • Do not bend back any roots. Instead, lay the roots in the hole as naturally as possible, reserving soil to put back in the hole.
  • Place the seedling in the hole, making sure the root collar located just above the roots is at ground level. DO NOT BURY THE ROOT COLLAR.
    • For more information on identifying the root collar, click here.
  • Loosen the soil dug from the hold so it can backfill around the roots. Fill the hole with the loose soil, compacting around the seedling and making sure there are no air pockets. No fertilizer or soil amendments are recommended during planting.
  • Gently water the day of planting.
  • Cover with mulch or wood chips to help hold moisture.
  • Water weekly until established.